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Featured Resource: Employee Benefits

2016 Hunter Hamilton Hiring RoadmapIn today’s competitive hiring environment, successful employers are leveraging compensation and benefits as a recruitment and retention tool. Discover what other employers are offering and which benefits will give you the most bang for your buck.

Create a competitive benefits package in four steps!


Industry Trend Resources

Gain Valuable Market Insight From The 2017 Salary Guides2016 Hunter Hamilton Salary Guide

View salary guides for Kansas City and Minneapolis.

How to prepare for tax seasonPrepare Your Company for Tax Season

How to adapt to three primary challenges with the tax season.

What job titles Hunter Hamilton staffs forCheck Out the Job Titles Hunter Hamilton Staffs

Just about every finance and account discipline.


Employment Success Tools

Avoiding Worplace Burnout

View our infographic to learn the symptoms and solutions for avoiding burnout at work.

Building a Competitive AdvantageHow to build a competitive advantage by outsourcing hiring

Outsource to the experts so you can concentrate on running – and growing –
your business.

Create A (Cost-Effective) Plan To Retain Top TalentCreating a plan to retain top talent

An employee retention plan does not need to be extensive or expensive.

Six Tips For Successful Employee OnboardingTips for the best employee onboarding process

Making the best possible first impression with new employees is easier than you might think.

1099 or W2 Employees: What’s Best For Your Business?1099 vs W2 contractor differences

Worker misclassification can result in penalties for your company. Learn how to protect your organization.

How To Discover Effective Techniques To Hire MillennialsBest tips for hiring millennials

Hiring millennials can be complex. Find out how to simplify the process.

The Risk Of Hiring In A CrisisAvoid these hiring mistakes in a crisis

Don’t be forced into emergency mode when trying to close your staffing gap.