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The concept that ‘timing is everything’ can be debilitating. Hanging too tightly to this theory can leave you second-guessing yourself or waiting too long to make a decision. Many employers find themselves in this position when it comes to adding to staff: Should I immediately replace a worker who has left the company? Should I […]

With all of the talk about office culture and employee perks, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of a competitive wage. While it’s true that salary isn’t everything, your employees can’t pay their electricity bill with a free gym membership. Salary still trumps benefits. How Compensation Has Changed Compensation packages have changed drastically […]

How would you describe your leadership style? Better yet, do you know why do you lead the way you do? There is one simple thing you can do gain deeper insight into your natural leadership style – and it’s simple: Take a personality test. Understanding your personality. The difference between so-so leaders and great leaders […]

Great companies require great employees. To find diamonds in the rough, you need to look beyond skills, education, and experience. Below are a list of ideal traits and interview questions you can ask to try to identify them. Reliable. Employers need people who do what they say they will do and show up when they […]

Thank you to all of our valued clients who participated in our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest! Once again, we were blown away by your creativity! The winner is…

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