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Job hunting can be a lonely, daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be. Partner with a recruiter and you’ll have an expert on your team to guide you and vouch for you while you gain access to opportunities you would miss on your own. Here are some tips to ensure that your partnership with […]

Making a difference in the lives of others is rewarding and life-changing. There’s another benefit: volunteering can also boost your career and job search.

Find out why contract opportunities are worth considering: Independence: There’s little stigma anymore. The contingent work style is becoming a popular career choice. Maybe it’s your turn to sign up for project based or time-based temporary work, instead of committing to one employer and one job. Upward trend: Economic analysts and commentators are reporting a movement toward contingent workers that […]

COLLEGE TIPS: Getting your degree is one thing and putting it to use is another. You have heard there is a high demand for finance and accounting professionals, but how do you get that edge you need to land an entry-level position? Here’s how: 1.) What to include in a resume: Because recent grads typically lack […]

So, how exactly do you leverage LinkedIn to your advantage? 1.) Optimize your headline. One of the most underutilized sections in LinkedIn is the headline. Many professionals keep it straightforward, using it to highlight their current position. This is a missed opportunity, as the headline is indexed and has a direct impact on search rank. If you […]

Build relationships, introduce people and don’t forget to NETWORK.

We would like to thank Avila University and Grant Thornton for hosting our recent resume review and panel discussion events.

Michelle Decker Discusses Resume Do’s and Don’ts. Typos. Sharing too much personal information and bad formatting. They’re all no-no’s when it comes to resume writing.

Benjamin Franklin was an author, printer, postmaster, scientist, musician, inventor, activist, statesman and diplomat. Talk about a multi-tasker! To cope with everything he had going, Franklin developed a list of habits he knew could bring about positive change in his life and he set a goal to nurture one habit each week for a year.

Keeping personal life on an even footing with work demands seems impossible for people who want to always give 100%, especially when employers reduce their workforce and expect the remaining staff to do more. So, how do you handle the challenges and feel satisfied on the job and at home?