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Creating relationships at work is important. It helps develop your career, build trust, and work more effectively. And, it’s a heck of a lot more fun! Building relationships in the workplace is often easier said than done. There are a number of ways to build strong, worthwhile relationships with the people you work with, and here are six!

Unfortunately, many people aren’t sure exactly how to go about finding a mentor — and an ideal one, at that. They start there searching thinking they need a seasoned professional who’s been in the business for years. While this is often the case, your choice in mentor isn’t about age so much as who will best suit your needs — and suit your needs at that particular time. So, we suggest you consider the following when looking for someone to help you grow your career.

About this time of year, a bevy of articles hit the web giving advice on how to best navigate the office holiday party — a party often filled with its fair share of faux pas. But instead of just focusing on this often-awkward celebration, and how to avoid being “that guy” at the bash, we thought it might be best to provide a guide on how to handle yourself at any business event.

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know; it’s who.” In other words, you increase your chances of professional success by building solid relationships, especially in your chosen industry. In fact, 85 percent of this success is a direct result of your people skills. Sure, there will always be people born with a […]

Business etiquette tells us gift giving in the office traditionally comes from a boss to an employee. You should never feel obligated to purchase a gift for a superior. Besides, appearances being what they are, even the most innocent of gifts could seem to colleagues as an attempt to “buy” your way into someone’s good […]

Sometimes stress hits you out of nowhere; other times you can feel it coming. But no matter how it rears its ugly head, you’ve no doubt dealt with it. After all, 75 percent of people report experiencing some sort of physical symptoms as a result of on-the-job stress. So, the question remains: Are you dealing […]

There’s no shortage of articles stressing the importance of mentors — that well-connected, seasoned professional who’s always there for a little career guidance. But finding someone to take on that role is often as difficult as determining if someone will be the ideal mentee. After all, the mentor-mentee relationship is a two-way street. Both people […]

It happens to everyone, including people who claim to have their “dream job” and those whose job titles rival secret agent or rocket scientist. None of us escape the work doldrums. Here are five ways to refresh and reset your workday world. 1. Update your physical work space. As you go through a typical work […]

Let’s paint a picture — and a seemingly rosy one, at that. You just accepted a new job offer at a different company, and the day comes when you must head into your boss’s office to share the news. But instead of offering her congratulations, she counters with a higher salary if you choose to […]

Kids are not the only ones returning to the classroom this fall. Many professionals are going back to school to gain the expertise they need for a new job, to earn a promotion, or, in some cases, to retain their current position. Even if your field of work does not require it, there are a […]