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Find out why contract opportunities are worth considering:

  • Independence: There’s little stigma anymore. The contingent work style is becoming a popular career choice. Maybe it’s your turn to sign up for project based or time-based temporary work, instead of committing to one employer and one job.
  • Upward trend: Economic analysts and commentators are reporting a movement toward contingent workers that is growing. In 1983, temporary workers accounted for just over .5 percent of all employment. In 2012, that figure was reportedly closer to 2.3 percent. The average mix of contingent workers in the Fortune 100 is said to currently be about 20 to 30 percent of the workforce, but could expand to 40 or 50 percent by 2020. And, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, temporary workers made up 19 percent of all new US jobs in 2013. An even larger number, 30 percent, comprises the current total of all temporary, contract and self-employed workers. By 2030, they are expected to make up the majority of US workers.
  • Things have changed: Not long ago, some thought “temping” meant you couldn’t find a “real” job. No longer. Contractors, freelancers, contingent workers – whatever the designation – are everywhere. The definition of work has evolved with each generation. Because they are more geographically and technologically mobile, the current generation of workers craves the flexibility and freedoms of working on different projects in different locations.

More advantages

  • Enjoy better work/life balance and flexibility.
  • Choose to accept or reject certain projects, based on your needs, interests, or workload.
  • Control your schedule with assignments that range from a few days to long-term.
  • Design your career, based on work that develops a unique set of skills, to make yourself more marketable to prospective employers.
  • Get exposed to new challenges and improve your skills, to keep work more interesting. When you’re not bored, you won’t grow stagnant or get easily pigeonholed.
  • Work remotely or virtually by using technology and/or co-working spaces.
  • Add to an organization’s intellectual capacity and provide instant expertise and fresh perspective.
  • Be paid for all hours worked, including overtime, when you are associated with a staffing agency.
  • Find consistent work with the help of a staffing agency. As you build a relationship, your recruiter gets to know your style and will find assignments that match up.
  • Bypass staff meetings and office politics. Instead, focus on the work you were hired to do and leave on time.
  • Learn how to stay relevant, nimble and employable to avoid lay-off concerns.
  • Take extended vacation by simply not accepting assignments for a period of time.
  • Enhance your resumé by adding skills and experience you could not have gained any other way.
  • Get inside companies that may not be hiring full-time employees. It could open the door to your dream job.
  • Check out a job and an employer before making a long-term commitment.
  • Improve your personal cash flow with a paycheck from your staffing agency the very next week after you work.

Give it a try: We are here for you, if you’re looking for contract work, a permanent job, or a temp-to-hire position. We won’t waste time sending your resumé randomly to potential employers. Behind every resumé is a real person with a unique set of skills and experience, so we want to meet with you in person. Then, we’ll match you with opportunities that fit your individual needs. If you are considering a new way to go to work, try contracting the easy way – with Hunter Hamilton as your guide.