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Forward-thinking entrepreneurs and business owners have something in common. They have a deep understanding of their strengths and abilities, and also recognize tasks that can be done more efficiently and effectively by others.

In other words, they leverage strategic small business outsourcing – the practice of using an outside firm or contractor to do work normally performed by an employee of the company. It allows you to focus your energy on your core competencies and plan for future growth.

Evaluate your needs
One of the most important exercises you can do is an honest evaluation of your strengths and areas of opportunity. You can then begin to think about what tasks you may want to outsource on a short- or long-term basis, such as: HR, payroll, IT, and marketing.

Determine when to outsource
Outsourcing allows small companies to act “big” by giving them access to the resources and expertise of a large company. With this in mind, it’s often beneficial for small businesses to outsource at the very beginning.

Reach out to your network
When searching for a provider, turn to your network. Attend networking events and use online tools like LinkedIn to learn about opportunities and receive recommendations. Hunter Hamilton is another great resource for finding qualified contractors. We use our expertise and network to find the qualified specialists you need.

Take experience, reputation, and flexibility into account when meeting with candidates. Align yourself with firms and individuals with a similar mission and values – and strengths that mirror your ultimate goal.

Delegate and let go
The benefits of outsourcing are lost when you micromanage and retain control. That being said, the provider must also earn your trust. Arrange periodic meetings to discuss the work being done and keep both parties up to date.

Successful business owners know when to hand over the reins to let specialists help. Outsourcing is an investment in the long-term success and growth of your business. Done right, it can add layers of expertise and allow you to concentrate on running – and growing – your business.