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An interview is typically understood as an employer’s way of determining if you’re a good fit for the company. But consider this: it’s also an opportunity for you to interview the company. To learn whether a prospective employer offers what you’re looking for, it’s best to do some research to decide which questions you want to ask during the interview. Here are some of the best sites for researching what any company is all about:

1.) Google
This is the gateway to finding just about anything you’d like to know about a company, its competitors and general online presence.

2.) Company Website
The best way to learn how a company wants to be perceived and what it considers most important is by examining its website. Take some time to see what its vision and values are, then compare them to your own.

3.) Glassdoor
Learn about the reputation of an organization based on anonymous reviews from people who have interacted with it. In addition to reviews, Glassdoor displays approximate salaries, company interview questions and other job opportunities.

4.) Social Media Networks
The most influential professional network is LinkedIn. Use it to see the people you may already be connected to within an organization you are considering. Examining how a company interacts socially on Facebook and Twitter can also clue you into its culture.

5.) Indeed
The researcher’s best kept secret is the Company page on Indeed. Not easily found, or widely promoted, it allows you to see a company’s overall rating and the number of employees, while providing links to all its current job openings.