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Finding the right match professionally is an awful lot like finding the right match personally. You try to be yourself, while at the same time, choosing your words wisely. You try to get to know the other person, while still keeping an eye out for those little red flags.

You also spend way too much time in your closet trying to find that perfect outfit — even though you know the getup you wore to the last one would suit you just fine. It’s not like anyone knows you’ve worn it before.

Trust us, you’re not alone in your hunt for perfection. Plenty of people find searching for a job a lot like dating, and they see it in the following ways:

1. First impressions count. When you go on a date, you make yourself presentable, show up on time, use some decorum, and turn off your phone. In other words, you try to make a good first impression. Do the same for a potential employer. If you don’t make an effort or show any real interest during the interview process, don’t expect the phone to ring.

2. Chemistry can’t be beat. Chances are, you know whether someone is right for you after the first date. It’s all about chemistry. The same can be said when meeting potential employers. Use the interview to get to know who you’ll be working for. Ask questions on culture and consider requesting a quick tour. You can learn a lot about a company from its physical workplace — not to mention those working in it.

3. Desperation is a turn off. We’ve all been on those dates where the person on the other side of the table just seems desperate to be in a relationship. They agree with everything, need constant encouragement, and are way too eager to please. Potential employers can sense desperation as well. Show your interest and enthusiasm for the job without going overboard. Otherwise, you could be seen as disingenuous.

4. Timing will be everything. You’d never put a ring on it (or want someone to put a ring on it) after only a few minutes. Take the time to determine if this opportunity is really what you’re looking for, and don’t be swayed by an employer’s interest in you. There will always be plenty of fish in the sea — for both dating and interviewing. The timing must be right for both of you if you want it to last.

5. Trash talk kills the mood. Justifying your “singledom” by badmouthing your ex doesn’t make you any more attractive to a suitor. That goes double for a potential employer. No one wants to hear how poorly you were treated at your last job or that your former boss was crazy. Sharing those sorts of feelings will just reflect badly on you. Keep it positive to demonstrate your professionalism in a business situation.

6. Egos go home alone. Self-confidence is one thing. An over-stuffed ego is an entirely different story. Potential employers want to know your strengths, but they should be measured with some self-awareness and humility. Otherwise, you could come off as a braggart — and that’s no way to woo anyone. Share what you’ve accomplished. Don’t gloat about it.

7. Frogs will get kissed. Finding Prince Charming (or Princess Enchanting) often means you’ll be kissing a few frogs. Interviewing is no different. You never know what you’re getting into until you get there. Sometimes it’ll go swimmingly, other times it’ll leave a bad taste in your mouth. Keep your lip balm handy and reassure yourself that your persistence will eventually pay off.

8. Silence is deafening. Think about the last time you went on a date and it took days for the person to reach out. You probably thought they’d ghosted you and started to entertain other offers. Not following up after the interview is professional ghosting. You’ve got a small window to show your interest in the job. If you wait, someone else may show up on that radar.

9. A little handholding never hurts. Sometimes, you just need someone to hold your hand and provide a little encouragement that you’ll find the “one.” In dating, that’s often your best friend. For a job search, that can be a recruiter. Recruiters can help shape your resume, offer much-needed advice, and prevent you from jumping at the first opportunity that passes by. No one wants you to settle.

Whether you are looking for that perfect someone or the perfect job, following our 9 tips will help you find “THE ONE.” If it’s the ideal job you are looking for, our Hunter Hamilton recruiters are here to help!