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Use these interview follow-up tips to make a good impression and become a top candidate:

  • Personalize: Don’t send the same exact note each time you meet with someone. Personalize it, so they know you are interested in this opportunity, not just any opportunity. Mention 1-2 specific examples of why you’d be a good fit and quantify the skills and experience you can bring to the table.
  • Grammar police: Spelling and grammar mistakes can put your attention to detail in question and may move you down the ranks. Take the time to draft your note, check your spelling, search for typos, read it out loud, and then check it again! Do the same on your resume. A misplaced “your” when you meant to say “you’re” may make the opposite impression you are hoping for.
  • Mind your manners: Always remember to be professional, polite and courteous. If you make a good impression the first time, you are more likely to be considered for other positions in the future, if this one doesn’t work out. It is often how you handle a tough situation that sets you apart from other candidates.
  • Choose the right channel: Email is always a safe bet. It allows the recruiter to get back to you between appointments, have your file ready, and have a paper trail to refer back to. If you have already established communication patterns via phone or text, that is also appropriate for a follow-up.
  • Timing is everything: Not sure when to follow up? A great approach is to ask about the timeline for making a hiring decision, or how often they would like you to be in touch, before you end your interview. This will help you to properly time your follow-up attempts. The goal is to express interest without seeming desperate or annoying.

Making a commitment to all aspects of the process, including following up, greatly increases your chances of landing a position and leaving a great impression.

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